MASSIVE Damage boost for the RAILGUN - Star Citizen 3.17.2 PTU - Testing and comparing gameplay

Star Citizen’s scorched hue railgun in the 3.17.2 PTU has received a significant damage boost, making it a more effective anti-tank weapon. While the railgun provides a deterrent to fast-moving ships and improves ground troop defense, it still struggles to take down larger or evasive airborne threats.

The scorched hue railgun in Star Citizen’s 3.17.2 PTU has received a significant damage boost. This change was specifically made to improve the survivability of the Nova tank, which previously lacked effectiveness in battle compared to the Ballista. The railgun is now a more viable option as an anti-tank weapon. However, when engaging active ships, the railgun was more of a deterrent than a major threat due to the difficulty of hitting fast-moving or evasive targets.

In the Gemtown area, the railgun was commonly used by the speaker in conjunction with a sniper companion to engage both ground vehicles and ships. Ships like the Talon or Gladius would often require multiple hits to kill, while larger ships like the Hurricane would take even more shots. Though some smaller ships could be taken down in a single shot, a majority of air threats were harder to eliminate.

To test the railgun’s new damage output, the speaker boarded an 890 Jump and engaged atmospheric bounties from the top of a landing pad. However, the shields of the targets absorbed most of the railgun shots, requiring further objective tests. The speaker also engaged pairs of Gladius fighters and found that the railgun could now kill them with only two shots, making it much more effective.

Despite concerns about the railgun’s increased power disrupting combat balance, the speaker believes that it doesn’t pose a significant threat to fast-moving ships. Instead, the railgun would deter pilots from loitering over areas such as Gemtown and provide ground troops with better defense against airborne threats. Compared to the Ballista, the railgun is more accessible to all players, making it a valuable asset in combined arms combat.

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