Make Millions of Credits in Star Citizen thanks to Persistence

In this video, the creator showcases how they were able to make two million Alpha UEC (in-game currency) in a short amount of time thanks to the new features in Star Citizen. The video starts with the discovery of an abandoned Cutlass ship with 20 SCU of drugs, which the creator decides to transfer to their own Cutlass to sell. They carefully organize the cargo and face some challenges with the ship being overloaded with boxes. They eventually manage to fit all the cargo and head to a safe location to sell it.

The creator chooses to sell the cargo at a less popular location on Microtech, ensuring there is minimal risk of encountering other players who may try to steal the cargo. They successfully sell the cargo and make a significant profit of 1.8 million UEC. The video concludes with the discovery of another ship, an MSR, with even more valuable cargo. The creator plans to sell the newly found cargo and anticipates making a total of two million UEC. Throughout the video, the creator expresses their excitement about the gameplay opportunities enabled by the new persistence features in Star Citizen.

Overall, the video highlights the potential for lucrative gameplay in Star Citizen thanks to persistence and physicalized cargo. The creator demonstrates their ability to find and secure valuable abandoned cargo, maximizing their profit. They also emphasize the thrill and risk associated with such activities and discuss their plans for future gameplay and earnings.