Major Star Citizen Tech Delayed to Next Year

The replication layer update, an important component of Star Citizen, has been delayed to next year due to excessively long transfer times. This delay may disappoint players, but it is necessary for the developers to optimize the technology before its release.

The latest road map update for Star Citizen reveals a delay in the replication layer update, which is a core tech component of the game. During two tests in the Evocati PTU, the replication layer update was found to be working as intended in transferring players and their data from one server to another. However, the transfer time was excessively long, resulting in game freezes and wait times of up to several minutes. The developers will be working on optimizing the technology to reduce transfer times to a more reasonable amount.

Originally planned for the 3.22 patch, the replication layer update has been pushed back to a future iteration of Star Citizen, possibly 3.22x. This delay means it is unlikely to be released by the end of the year and will probably be delayed until later next year. The exact release date is uncertain, and it may even be further delayed to a future update such as 3.24 or 3.23. The replication layer update is crucial for Server Meshing, which is a feature planned for Star Citizen version 4.0. However, it needs to work efficiently for players before it can be implemented.

The next road map update for Star Citizen is scheduled for February 7th, after the developers have planned the future releases of the game. This process usually takes several weeks and is done in January. In the meantime, players are eagerly awaiting the replication layer update and hoping for further improvements to the game. The delay of this update may disappoint some, but it is important for the developers to ensure that it functions properly before release. Additionally, the video mentions a giveaway and encourages viewers to join the Discord channel or become a patron to participate.