Mahli Goes To Orison: Part 2

"Orison is amazing! But you’re never going to believe what happened during my dinner!

Roberts Space Industries is a spacecraft manufacturer within the persistent-world game “Star Citizen” and its "

In the second part of Mahli’s adventure, she begins by expressing excitement for her upcoming trip to microTech and the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE). She mentions doing a light workout before her Stormwal Tour, which is sponsored by Origin. Mahli explains that Stormwals are incredibly popular, and she seems to be fascinated by them. She boards a shuttle to microTech, noting that it is not as fancy as the one sponsored by Origin and filled with tourists.

Once on land, things take a strange turn for Mahli. Firstly, some people run into her, which she considers a red flag. Then she realizes that Crusader security is present, further raising her suspicions. As she is taking a food selfie, unexpected chaos ensues as random individuals burst in and start shooting. Mahli expresses concern that this might be her last post and leaves her audience in suspense, wondering if she will survive.

Overall, Mahli shares her excitement for her upcoming trip, expressing gratitude to her sponsor, Origin. She highlights the popularity of Stormwals and the presence of tourists in the shuttle to microTech. However, her excitement is dampened by the strange incidents that occur on land, including people running into her and unexpected gunfire. Mahli’s survival remains uncertain, leaving her followers eagerly awaiting her next update.