Paragraph 1: On 25th May 2023, Invictus Week released the RSI Lynx Rover - a six-wheeled Runabout designed to operate from the RSI Constellation Phoenix. This is a new release that will continue to be available beyond Invictus Week. The Lynx is luxuriously appointed and has extra windows for a panoramic view.

Paragraph 2: The Lynx is similar to the Ursa Rover in its capabilities. It has a folding turret with two size 1 weapon mounts, softer suspension, two full closets for passengers, no defensive equipment, slightly quicker movement, no beds to log out from and component racks.

Paragraph 3: Purchase options for the Lynx include a free fly for testing, a Warbond alone for 55-60 US$, a two-pack with LTI Warbond for 95 US$, a two-pack with 10 year insurance for 105 US$ and paints for additional customisation. The CCU upgrade path is also available but at a limited value.