Luminalia 2953 2023

“Quick recap of some NON-warbond CCU that are oddly available.”

The Luminalia event has started, offering various savings and rewards. One of the referral rewards is a full suit of armor for both the referrer and the referral, provided the referral buys a game package. If you don’t have anyone to refer, you can create a new account with your own referral code and spend $40 on it to earn a referral point. However, it’s strange that a new player can technically join the game by just spending $40 without buying a game package. The referral reward includes a set of armor in a green tone instead of red.

There are some CCUs (Cross-Chassis Upgrades) available, but it turns out that there are no new warbond CCUs. The 100i, Titan, and Nomad upgrades are special CCUs that don’t offer any discount, but come with a paint job. Ironically, the paint job that comes with the CCU is not even available for separate purchase. This leaves players puzzled as to why the ships and paint jobs are bundled in such a confusing way. Despite the lack of new warbond CCUs, there are still some old ones available for the SRV and C1.

While the CCUs may seem like a way to save money, it is not recommended as the best way to purchase ships. There are actual discount warbond packages available, including the Aurora, Mustang, Cutter, 100i, Titan, Sulen, and Nomad. However, it’s worth noting that these packages come with two-year insurance, which might not be ideal for some players. There are also some packs with warbond options, but these are carryovers from previous events and do not include any new ships.

If any noteworthy updates or releases occur during the event, the presenter promises to inform viewers through another video.