LOOK AT ME! - Star Citizen Piracy Gameplay - 3.19

“After completing a training session with QED, one of our scouts spots a C2 Hercules at SM0-22 and calls it out to the rest of the team. Multiple Mantis set up snares on potential QT routes out of the system with the final Mantis positioning”

In this Star Citizen piracy gameplay, the team receives a tip about a C2 Hercules spotted at SM0 22. They set up multiple mantis traps along potential Quantum travel routes. After a significant period of time with no movement from the target, the op lead decides to land and investigate. While refueling, the target suddenly fills up with cargo and appears ready to leave. The op lead pretends to leave the outpost to create a false sense of security.

The team patiently waits for the target to make a move. Finally, the target takes off and the team follows suit, ready to intercept. They successfully jump to the target and engage in a battle. The team manages to disable the target and prepares for boarding.

With minimal resistance from the ship owner, the boarding team takes control of the ship. The crew members not part of the boarding team scatter, while the boarding team secures the cockpit and brings the bodies to the rear of the ship. They confirm that the target ship is empty and proceed to transfer all the cargo into their own ships.

The team then heads to Reclamation and Disposal Island to sell their spoils, totaling 518 SEO in barrel cargo, which amounts to a value of 1,230,768 Alpha UEC. The successful piracy operation concludes, and the team continues the hunt for their next target.

Overall, the team sets up traps and successfully intercepts a C2 Hercules, disables it, and takes control of the ship. They transfer the cargo to their own ships and make a significant profit from their piracy operation.