Live Tutorial 3.19 in 3min 04sec

In this video, Todd Pappy, the Live Game Director, and James Kay, the Lead Game Designer, take viewers through the new Player Experience in Star Citizen.They explain how the tutorials that originally existed were taken offline as they became obsolete and weren’t updated because that would have been too large of a job. However, they now feel the base mechanics of the game are in a more stable state and they want to cover the basics such as locomotion, eating and drinking, how to buy ships and weapons, flight basics, inventories, and how to navigate around spaceports and landing zones.

Players will have the option to go through the new tutorial mission or not. The tutorial will teach players about hunger and thirst and how to open their hab and navigate to an elevator. New signage will be implemented with each destination having a unique theme. An area to test guns and ship parts will be added, as well as warnings to wear a helmet. The tutorial mission will end in the Area 18 Invictus show for the current year.

Purchased ships will initially be locked out. This allows a common platform to learn before taking off on real missions. Although this has been rolled out, it may still have some holes that need to be plugged. The plan is to take feedback and materialize it into the universe with the order that the tutorial will be rolled out coming down to current need. This will help to keep new players safe while still allowing experienced players to enjoy the PVP sandbox.