Little Hauler that Could- The MISC Hull-A, A Star Citizen Ship Review

“Chances are you already know that I LOVE Cargo hauling and I LOVE the MISC Hull-A, the only non-Drake ship that I have in my Pledged Hanger!
So gather round the glow of the Arclight lantern as I regale you with why I love it so much, and w”

In this video review, the YouTuber discusses the MISC Hull-A, a small cargo hauling ship in Star Citizen. The reviewer begins by expressing their love for cargo hauling and provides links to their other related videos. They highlight that cargo hauling can be a profitable and relaxing activity in the game. The Hull-A is described as the reviewer’s favorite ship for cargo hauling due to its small size, ability to carry 64 SCU of cargo, and larger fuel capacity of 10,000. The ship’s minimal weaponry and comfortable living space are also noted.

The reviewer praises the Hull-A for being a dedicated hauler in a compact package. Its small size allows for easy landing in small hangars and takes up little room on landing pads. The ship’s fuel capacity means less time spent refueling between trips, making it ideal for locations without refueling options. The reviewer anticipates that the ship’s fuel capacity will be advantageous for unconventional travel routes and avoiding Quantum jamming choke points. It is also mentioned that the Hull-A’s external cargo grid can assist with transferring captured or salvaged commodities.

The Hull-A’s features, such as the convenient fridge for consumables, a bunk for resting, and secure storage for weapons, are highlighted as beneficial for long play sessions. The reviewer mentions that the ship is currently only available through pledging but hopes that it will be purchasable in-game soon. The Hull-A’s short claim time is also mentioned as a positive point. The reviewer suggests outfitting the ship with military components, including a fast and reliable Quantum Drive, if budget permits.

In conclusion, the reviewer recommends the MISC Hull-A as a top choice for cargo hauling in Star Citizen due to its compact size, large cargo capacity, and extended fuel range. They emphasize the ship’s convenience, comfort, and potential for lucrative gameplay.