Leaks from BarCitizen HongKong Reveal Juicy Details for Star Citizen's Future

During a BarCitizen event in Hong Kong, members of the Star Citizen community were able to get some insights from Cloud Imperium Games staff. Some of the highlights include the news that Squadron 42 being removed from the store does not indicate an imminent release, but there could be some presentation or news about it at Citizencon. It was also mentioned that there might be a wipe in the upcoming 3.20 update if bugs related to item duplication cannot be fixed. The staff also discussed various aspects of the game, such as the impact of big ships on server performance, the future of base building, and the aesthetic designs of different cities.

When it comes to ship preferences, Todd Papy loves Drake, while Aaron Roberts prefers the Retaliator for reasons that will become clear in Squadron 42. The staff also mentioned their plans to address issues related to bug fixes and acknowledged the problems with the Reclaimer and Salvage bugs. They expressed their intention to have more stability before introducing AI crew and Blades for mining and salvage tasks. Additionally, they shared information about the future gameplay elements, such as land ownership, housing units, and instancing in relation to server meshing.

While these details should be taken with a grain of salt, as they were reported by community members in attendance, they provide a glimpse into the development plans and discussions surrounding Star Citizen’s future.