Latest 3.20 Info - STARFIELD My Plans & Roadmap Update | Star Citizen This Week

The video covers This Week in Star Citizen, mentioning “Life Labor: The Secret History of Hearst and Dynamics” and a roadmap update, the Ship Showdown’s phase 2, and the ongoing alpha 3.20 testing. It also hints towards the creator’s interest in streaming Starfield, asks viewers for ideas on Starfield content, while acknowledging an anticipated event, CitizenCon, and concludes by thanking supporters and promising future updates.

The creator discusses This Week in Star Citizen, including plans from the narrative team to release a post titled “Life Labor: The Secret History of Hurston Dynamics”. The roadmap for the game will also be updated, with all additions to be covered in a dedicated YouTube video. The team who creates “Inside Star Citizen” and “Star Citizen Live” have taken a week off to attend GamesCom, meaning that content will return but will be pushed back by a week.

Mention is made about the current status of the Ship Showdown. Phase 1 has concluded and now Phase 2 has begun, where the top 16 ships will go head-to-head as fans cast their votes. The top eight which emerge will be available free on August 31st.

Thirdly, there is an update on Alpha 3.20, wherein internal testing continues before rolling out for more stable builds. Successful data gathering could signal a consistent rolling out of the patch in the future, possibly earlier than usual, due to the ability to test different builds simultaneously.

Fourthly it notes that without the aforementioned shows, “Star Citizen Sunday” won’t air due to a lack of content. However, the creator continues his gaming streams on Twitch, playing Zero to Hero and discussing Starfield, which plans to be released on September 1st. He clarifies that he still intends to cover Star Citizen, but is keen to explore and potentially stream Starfield content.

Finally the creator asking for Starfield video ideas from his viewers. He mentions a perceived content drought while waiting for CitizenCon, a much-anticipated event he looks forward to. Lastly, he thanks his patrons and channel members, encourages new subscribers, and ends by promising to see his viewers in future updates.