Kerbal Space Program 2 - A Shameful Situation As Game In Limbo

The video discusses the dire state of Kerbal Space Program 2 (KSP 2), with Intercept Games shutting down and no official word from the studio, Private Division, or Take-Two Interactive. Lack of communication, transparency, and progress in development have led to frustration and disappointment among players, with uncertainty surrounding the game’s future and the handling of the situation criticized as unprofessional and disrespectful.

In the video, it is discussed that the situation surrounding Kerbal Space Program 2 (KSP 2) has not improved and seems to be in a dire state. The studio behind the game, Intercept Games, appears to have shut down around 11 days ago, with no official word from the studio, Private Division (the game’s publisher), or Take-Two Interactive (the parent company). Despite this, KSP 2 is still being sold on Steam, leading to confusion and frustration among players who have invested in the game.

The lack of communication and transparency from the involved parties is highlighted as a major issue, with no updates or information provided about the future of KSP 2. The video questions who is currently working on the game, as Intercept Games seems to no longer exist, raising concerns about the game’s development and potential updates. The situation is deemed as ridiculous and shameful, showing a lack of care for both the staff involved and the community of players who supported the game.

The video also touches on the financial aspect, speculating on the reasons for KSP 2 being in Early Access and the potential motivations behind the lack of progress. It is mentioned that Take-Two Interactive may be seeking to offload Private Division, which could impact the future of KSP 2 and the handling of the situation. The uncertainty surrounding the game’s fate and the lack of official communication have led to widespread disappointment and negative reviews on Steam.

The video expresses disgust at the unfolding situation and criticizes the silence from the involved parties, calling it unprofessional and disrespectful to the community. The lack of updates, fixes, and performance improvements in KSP 2 is highlighted, indicating that the game is far from a satisfactory state even if development were to continue. Despite the current uncertainty, the video remains cautiously optimistic that the IP could be sold to another developer or taken over by a new team for further development.

Overall, the video emphasizes the frustration and disappointment felt by fans of the KSP franchise, who were hoping for a successful and ambitious sequel in KSP 2. The lack of clarity, communication, and progress in the game’s development has left many questioning the future of the franchise and feeling let down by the handling of the situation.