Kerbal Space Program 2 - A Glimpse of Science Update

"The latest dev update for Kerbal Space Program 2, touches on science, update 1.3 and also talks about the teams focus on fixing the games bugs. The full dev update for KSP2 is linked below.

KSP2 Update: A Taste of Science - KSP2 Dev Updates - Kerbal Space Program Forums"

The latest KSP2 update focuses on a brief glimpse of science. Forum post creator Nate Simpson discusses the bugs and frustrations experienced by Early Access players, acknowledging that there is a need for urgent fixes. Despite these setbacks, the team remains committed to the vision for KSP2 and are working hard to eradicate these bugs. A 1.3 patch is expected to be released soon.

The science collection part showcased in this update is a prototype and is made up of multiple scientific components; a boom arm, goo, antenna, camera and a magnetometer for measuring magnetic fields. Players can access KSP Builds to quickly and easily download and try out vehicles in the game.

Finally, the update outlines that the team is aiming for a 1.0 version release to represent a “career defining achievement”. It may still be a few months away, but it is expected that the next patch will include some fixes and the addition of heat mechanics and re-entry effects. All in all, it looks like KSP2 is heading in an exciting direction.