It's a Shame CIG Seems to have Forgotten This Dynamic Event

In this video, the speaker discusses a dynamic event in Star Citizen called the Nine Tails Lockdown. They mention that while Cloud Imperium Games has recently reactivated other dynamic events, they seem to have forgotten about this one. The Nine Tails Lockdown event allows players to choose sides between the criminals and the lawful players, with the objective of either breaking the blockade or defending it. The event also involves a cargo-running aspect, where players can earn substantial profits by delivering medical supplies to the station. However, the speaker suggests that the event was not popular in the past because looting cargo containers was tedious and not as lucrative as killing NPCs. With the addition of looting mechanics in the game, the speaker believes that this dynamic event could be more enjoyable and engaging.

The speaker raises the question of why Cloud Imperium Games has not brought back the Nine Tails Lockdown event, especially considering the changes in the game since its last activation. They express their belief that the event would be more interesting now, particularly with the potential for salvaging and piracy around the wreckage. The speaker also suggests that with the current state of the game, player escorts for cargo ships would be in demand, providing more opportunities for lawful pilots to engage in PvP combat. They emphasize the need for increased profits for traders to make the event financially viable, as they would need to hire escorts and share their profits. The speaker invites viewers to share their thoughts on the potential return of the event and any changes they would like to see.

In the conclusion, the speaker announces the winners of last month’s giveaways and prompts viewers to enter the current giveaway for an RSI Scorpius ship with LTI. They also mention a product called Predator Mounts, which helps with installing joysticks on desks. The video ends with a thank you and a farewell.