"Join Algared and Execute as they debate the upcoming changes to the PTU Test waves.

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In this video, the hosts discuss the implementation of five Testing Waves in Star Citizen’s Public Test Universe (PTU). The purpose of these waves is to effectively manage the influx of testers and prevent them from disappearing shortly after joining. This approach aims to ensure longevity in testing, stress testing, and bug reporting, which is crucial for improving the game’s stability. The hosts acknowledge that the lack of testers, even when the PTU is open to all waves, is a significant challenge that needs to be addressed.

They explore various potential solutions to motivate testers. One suggestion is to offer incentives such as free in-game skins or credits in exchange for active participation in testing. The hosts also discuss the issue of bug reporting and suggest improving the Issue Council by implementing a tag system, making it easier to search for and report bugs. They emphasize the importance of testers actively using the Issue Council to share their experiences, rate issues, and prioritize bug fixes.

The hosts express their preference for playing in the PTU and offer their personal experiences with testing. They propose a system where testers who actively contribute to bug testing and reporting are rewarded with in-game rewards, such as additional in-game currency or the ability to choose one piece of old subscriber flair. They also consider the idea of distinguishing testers who genuinely want to test from those who simply want to play the game by implementing a system that requires testers to prove their dedication before being granted early access.

Ultimately, the hosts conclude that finding a perfect solution to the tester shortage issue is challenging. While they present various suggestions, they acknowledge that there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution that satisfies all stakeholders. They invite viewers to share their own ideas and opinions on how to address the problem, understanding that striking a balance between meeting testing needs, motivating testers, and maintaining fairness is a complex endeavor.