Is the Fury the new Starter Racer? I don't know

“There are things I know well and things I do well. This is one of those subjects but I think that CIG has overlooked how great of a beginner racer they may have created.”

Daniel Raymond introduces the viewers to his idea about the Mirai Fury being the definitive starter racer in the game. He believes that, despite never being described as such by CIG, the Mirai Fury provides the best ‘bang for buck’ and outperforms its competitors with its small size, emphasis on vector thrust, and bubble cockpit. Daniel then goes on to update the viewers on the giveaways. The 10,000 Subscriber Thank You giveaway offers the LTI Hull C and the Big Annual IAE Ship giveaway offers the Winter’s Choice of the Galaxy, Constellation, Massive Modular, Mining Marauder, Medical Martha, or the Banu Big Box.

Daniel explains that this video is a short one as it is a video about a video he would have liked to make but couldn’t. He demonstrates his knack for Physics by talking about Newtonian Theory, friction, and thrust vectors as they relate to pool. He then continues to explain that seeing where the “line of the course needs to be and the net thrust vectors needed at any point to achieve it” in pool is similar to racing—except he can’t do it.

He then talks about why the Mirai Fury is the best racer ‘bang for buck’. Its small size means a small collision box, allowing it to negotiate tight corners without scraping walls. Its vector thrust allows for decoupled thrust so that the racer can point in one direction and thrust in another—making it easier for beginning to intermediate racers to stay on their line. Finally, its bubble cockpit gives the driver the best visibility of their situation and of what their competitors are doing. Daniel encourages the viewers to ‘prove [him] right or prove [him] wrong’ and to enter the giveaways.