Is Starfield Worth it? Is Starfield the MOST Anticipated Best Space Game? Before You BUY Starfield!

The writer expresses their excitement and anticipation for the release of Starfield, a space game. They mention the appealing features such as ship interiors, building custom ships, exploration, and the mixture of procedural generation and handcrafted locations. The writer is particularly excited about the ability to customize their character and ship to their liking, as well as the opportunity to hire NPCs and form a crew. They also mention the potential for engaging in space combat, looting ships, and the inclusion of a progression system with skill trees.

Despite the writer’s enthusiasm, they also express some concerns. They hope that Starfield’s exploration will not suffer from repetitive and uninteresting procedural generation like in No Man’s Sky. They also mention their disappointment with Starfield being a single-player game, as they enjoy playing space games with friends. Overall, the writer believes Starfield has the potential to be a visually stunning and immersive space game that incorporates various captivating features.

In conclusion, the writer is eagerly looking forward to playing Starfield, hoping it will fulfill their desires for a space game that offers ship customization, immersive exploration, engaging combat, and the ability to create unique characters and crews. Although they have concerns about procedural generation and the lack of multiplayer, they believe Starfield has the potential to be a standout space game.