Is Star Citizen IAE Wack? YouTubers React

"Is Star Citizen IAE Wack? YouTubers React

IAE is a huge event for the devs to flip them ships, but it ain’t for err’body. Here’s what YouTubers think."

In this video, YouTubers are reacting to the Star Citizen Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE). They discuss various aspects of the event and share their opinions on the new ships and updates. One YouTuber mentions that the course around the cover is a bit slow for them, but the cutter is perfect for short assignments. They appreciate the great liveries for the 600i by Origin and express excitement about the upcoming release of the Galaxy ship.

Another YouTuber mentions that while they are not particularly invested in IAE, they enjoy seeing new and cool ships being introduced to the game. They specifically mention their liking for the cutter and the media content, such as the Jax McCleary videos, which provide glimpses into the game’s lore. They comment on the cool red accents and overall vibe of the spectacle event, but express disappointment at the lack of explosions or lasers.

Another YouTuber shares their satisfaction with this year’s IAE, praising the variety of ships released. They mention the introduction of one concept ship and two flyable ships, with a fan-favorite being the Corsair. They appreciate that two of these ships are LTI tokens, giving flexibility to modify or expand one’s fleet. They acknowledge that changes to the CCU landscape might have occurred, but they feel that CIG has offered good CCU options during the event.

One YouTuber expresses their appreciation for the visual updates in this year’s IAE, particularly the new venue in Drake’s black and red theme. They mention the exciting visuals of a hollow space battle and the impressive ship reveals, including the Galaxy and its accompanying clothes. They suggest adding more spectacle to the show, like dancers and performers.

Lastly, the YouTuber urges viewers to show support to their fellow content creators by visiting their channels, and hints at a future giveaway of the new Drake Corsair ship. They also mention the possibility of a special in-game event and encourage viewers to follow their community tab or Twitter for updates.

Overall, the YouTubers have mixed opinions regarding IAE. While some express enthusiasm for the new ships and updates, others mention their desire for more spectacular elements in the event. However, they all appreciate the effort put into the event by CIG and encourage viewers to check out their channels for more Star Citizen content.