Is Jumplight Odyssey The New FTL? (Space Sim Roguelike)

“This game has had me curious for months and the demo just dropped for it so I thought I might check it out!
Go wishlist it on Steam now so you can play the demo yourself and get updates when it launches!”

Jump Light Odyssey is a new space simulation roguelike game that combines elements of 1970s space anime with the gameplay format of FTL. The game follows a storyline where the player’s home planet has been destroyed, and they must search for a new one while being pursued by the enemy fleet. The demo of the game showcases various gameplay mechanics, such as managing the crew’s health and morale, constructing new rooms on the spaceship, launching missions, and engaging in combat.

The player takes on the role of the captain, navigating their starship, the SDF Catalina, through different star systems. The game includes a jump line calculator for plotting jump destinations, and the player must maintain a balance between advancing the storyline and evading the enemy fleet. The gameplay evokes a sense of urgency and the need for strategic decision-making as the player must make quick jumps, complete missions, and manage resources to stay one step ahead of their pursuers.

Overall, Jump Light Odyssey offers an exciting mix of space exploration, roguelike elements, and strategic decision-making reminiscent of FTL. The ongoing pursuit by the enemy fleet adds tension to the gameplay, while the demo provides a glimpse into the various mechanics and features that players can expect from the full game.