Is exploration actually bad in Starfield?

In this video, a YouTuber addresses criticism of the exploration aspect in Starfield, discussing the lack of vehicles and repetitive nature of locations. They explore random locations, showcasing their combat abilities and discussing the need for more unique and exciting content, while acknowledging that the game’s exploration has its flaws but also offers engaging moments.

In this video, the YouTuber discusses the exploration aspect of the game Starfield. They address the criticism from other players, especially regarding the lack of vehicles in the game and the repetitive nature of locations. The YouTuber shares their own perspective on exploration, stating that they have mostly focused on content created by Bethesda rather than randomly generated locations. They decide to change up their playstyle for the video and start exploring random locations, documenting their experiences.

They start by exploring an uncharted planet and come across an abandoned outpost with mercenaries. They engage in combat, showcasing the gunplay mechanics and their abilities. The YouTuber also mentions their gripes with the map system and the need for city maps. They continue their exploration journey and stumble upon different locations, like a robotic ship and an abandoned mining outpost.

The YouTuber acknowledges the repetitive nature of some locations, especially abandoned mines. They express their preference for more exciting and unique content rather than running errands or engaging in combat with no significant purpose. They mention receiving quests and missions from NPCs, which adds more depth to their exploration experience.

They highlight the differences between barren planets and those with more content, explaining that it’s unrealistic to expect every moon to have engaging content. However, they note that finding unique structures and missions can make the exploration more interesting. They conclude by recognizing that Starfield’s exploration has its flaws but also offers some engaging moments, encouraging players to seek out specific content rather than generic locations.