Is a NEW MINING SHIP Coming to Star Citizen Soon?

The video discusses the possibility of a new medium-sized mining ship, potentially called the RSI Arastra, being added to Star Citizen to bridge the gap between the smaller Prospector and the larger Mole. It is speculated that this ship could be a preliminary step towards completing the long-awaited Orion mining platform, and the game developers are currently focusing on ship development, including the RSI ships, with a large team working on addressing the backlog of larger capital ships.

The video discusses the possibility of a new mining ship being added to Star Citizen. Currently, there are two mining ships available - the Prospector, a small solo mining ship, and the Mole, which is more suited for multi-crew gameplay. However, there seems to be a gap between these two ships and the massive mining platform called the Orion. The video suggests that it would make sense to have a medium-sized mining ship that is still smaller than the Mole but larger than the Prospector.

The video also discusses the profitability of different mining ships. Using size 2 mining lasers and with a capacity of 96 SCU, the Mole is considered more efficient and effective than a ship equipped with size 1 components. However, it is speculated that a ship with only size 1 ports could potentially have a larger SCU capacity, but the process of mining with size 1 components would be less profitable and more tedious.

The video then mentions rumors about a potential new mining ship called the RSI Arastra. Although there is limited information available, it is believed to be a mining ship based on its description found in the game files. The ship’s capabilities, capacity, and size are still unknown. It is suggested that the Arastra could be a preliminary step toward completing the Orion, another mining platform that has been in development for a long time.

The video mentions that Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) is currently focusing on developing ships, particularly those from Roberts Space Industries (RSI) like the Polaris and potentially the Orion. It is mentioned that CIG has a large team working on ships, and they are starting to address the backlog of larger capital ships.

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