Invictus 2953 - Day 9 Warbond CCUs

“Defensecon starts off with the Corsair WB CCU.”

Day Nine of Invictus celebrates Drake Day, highlighting the Corsair as the war bond CCU. Those adding this ship to their chain may want to be wary of rising prices due to the introduction of the Kraken Reaver and Santé Yaw Concept ships, as both are due for release imminently. However, the Defender and Terrapin Emerge CCUs are both priced at ten dollars, a whopping savings of twenty dollars.

The celebration of Drake Day is held at the Riker Memorial Spaceport in area 18, at a rental kiosk located at the entrance. Within the hall visitors can explore the highlights of Drake’s entire fleet, including the much-loved Cutty Black, Swift Herald, Colossal Caterpillar and Speedy Dragonfly. The Drake Kraken has a prominent spot at the hall, gaining admiration from visitors.

The occasion is further celebrated with the acknowledgement of 500 subscribers, and a drive to reach the next milestone of 1 000 subscribers. Community members can take advantage of CCU updates, exciting content and giveaways to find, when subscribing.