Invictus 2953 - Day 8 Warbond CCUs

“Nova Tank WB CCU today and some interesting news about concepts over the next 12 months.”

Today is the last day of an expo event featuring a variety of manufacturers. Tomorrow marks the highly anticipated Defense Con, during which Drake will have a dedicated expo hall in area 18. On the event’s final day, All Ships will be available for renting once again and it is hoped that War Bond CCUs will return as well.

Today’s War Bond CCU is the Nova tank, which grants customers a 10 dollar discount but requires them to spend the next 10 as well. This may not be ideal but could be a good option depending on a person’s chain setup. It was also mentioned during Star Citizen Live that a variety of ships, including the Spirit Series, SRV, X1 Series, Storm, Santok Yai, Retaliator Re-Work, G12, and Polaris, will soon be entering active production in the next 12 months.

Additionally, there are some undisclosed ships and variants of existing ships set to be revealed soon. The Merchantman is known to be receiving some attention, though staff changes have delayed their progress. Despite this, it will eventually be worked on, and customers reasonably expect something new and exciting. Finally, it was suggested that customers can benefit from discounted Concept CCUs prior to ships being released. Thank you for joining us today, and stay tuned for more CCU updates.