Invictus 2953 - Day 6 Warbond CCUs

“Ballista warbond is live!”

Day six of Invictus was filled with excitement as the expo hall was dominated by Anvil. A massive line of customers was seen waiting to try out the Aegis Dynamics Lightning, though the reason for this is a bit of a mystery. The day’s CCU offering was the A&R Ballista at a mid-priced CCU, allowing consumers the opportunity to switch out one of their older CCCU’s. Those in search of a new ship chain were able to choose from a variety of concept ships. These include the Vulture, G1, Vulcan, Nautilus, Legionnaire, Liberator, and Crucible. While these ships are not an actual part of a ship chain, they can serve as stepping stones for ship enthusiast in search of their perfect chain.

The next few days will be thrilling as the Drake Argo, Aegis Dynamics Tumbril Cyclone, Origin Jumpworks 900 series, Consolidated Outland Mustang, and Roberts Space Industries manufacturers are set to make their debut in the Invictus hall. A vast array of manufacturers will be featured, giving consumers an array of wallet-friendly options to choose from. Those wishing to stay up to date with the latest CCU news and adventures should subscribe to the Invictus channel to not miss out on any of the action.

Day six of Invictus brought copious amounts of fun and excitement as a variety of concept ships and CCU’s were made available. Those in search of their perfect chain can use the ships as stepping stones and benefit from the wallet-friendly options offered. To ensure that no one misses out on the action of Invictus, they should subscribe to the Invictus channel for the latest CCU news and adventures in the ever-expanding universe of Star Citizen.