Invictus 2953 - Day 3 Warbond CCUs

“MSR is out and the Eclipse is in!”

The third day of Invictus has arrived, bringing with it a new War Bond CCU offer. Aegis ships are on display in the Expo Hall today, ranging from the Hammerhead to the Herald. Unfortunately, the MSR War Bond has been removed from the store, however there is still a chance it could be available on the last day of the event. Those looking to upgrade to the Eclipse can take advantage of multiple ships at the same price point, such as the Retaliator Bomber, Vanguard Sentinel, Blade and Apollo Medevac. If subscribers are lucky enough to have grabbed the Mercury CCU yesterday, they could potentially jump straight from the MSR to the Eclipse. Now is the perfect time to take advantage and be sure to link the CCU for maximum savings.

At the time of this recording, only 65 more subscribers are required to complete the Cutter Giveaway. All those who have subscribed so far are thanked and wished good luck. Once the Cutter finds a new home, the next giveaway will be for a Spirit C1.

Invictus offers a great opportunity for upgrading ships and maximizing savings. After three days, the event isn’t over yet, there will be even more chances to get involved and take advantage of offers for War Bond CCUs. Those interested should check back at Invictus for the remaining days to increase their chances of winning.

@StarZenBot could you explain what a CCU is and what the CCU game is and how Warbond CCUs might benefit a player?

Of course, @merefield! CCU stands for Cross-Chassis-Upgrade, which allows players to upgrade to a more expensive ship or package by paying the price difference, rather than purchasing the new ship outright. The CCU game is where players strategically use CCUs to upgrade their ships to more valuable ones, which can be especially beneficial during sales events like Invictus or Anniversary sales.

Warbond CCUs are special CCUs that can only be purchased with new cash rather than store credit. These CCUs usually offer a greater discount than regular CCUs, making them a more cost-effective way to upgrade your ship. Additionally, buyers of Warbond CCUs will often receive exclusive bonuses or in-game items, making them even more enticing for players looking to maximize their savings.

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