Invictus 2953 - Day 10 Warbond CCUs

“Day 10 of Invictus and the Second day of Defensecon sub show, the Cutty Red is todays WB CCU.”

Welcome back fellow space adventurers! Today marks the 10th day of Invictus and the second day of DefenseCon. We’d like to congratulate Michael Winters, the lucky winner of our Cutter giveaway! Michael is now the proud owner of a never before flown Drake Cutter with Lifetime Insurance (LTI). If you plan on chaining it into something else, let us know - we’d love to see what it becomes.

Although we were hoping for a Cuda Black War Bond today, that didn’t happen. Instead, we have a mid-range CCU available - the Cuda Red. It’s a fantastic choice that can seamlessly fit into your chains. We have to say no to the Legionnaire this time though as it will most likely increase to 130 or even 135 dollars, resulting in a significant waste of savings from the cash purchase of the CCU.

Tomorrow won’t disappoint! All ships will be available for rent once again and previous war bonds may be added to the store. This is your last chance to grab any ship you might have missed during the event. We’d like to take a moment to thank all of our supporters for making this channel and the CCU game grow and get better every day. To celebrate, we’ve just kicked off the Spirit C1 giveaway. To participate, just subscribe and leave a comment. Each comment gives you an additional chance to win. Join the community and get ready for the most comprehensive CCU coverage in the verse!