Interior Design | Journey to 4.0

“How can the creation of our new modular building interior system enhance the city experience within the 'verse? Let’s dive in starting from rooftops and going all the way through to the underground in this Interior episode of Journey to 4.0”

In this episode of “Journey to 4.0,” Star Citizen art director Ian Leland gives viewers a first look at the interiors of the game’s landing zones. The team has always wanted to incorporate building interiors into the game to provide more player engagement and play space. Previously, the focus was mainly on the exteriors, but now the team is exploring what could be done inside the buildings.

The concept development approach began with a Blue Sky ideation phase, which included creating inspirational material to spark conversations and determine what would be cool for the game. The team identified different types of spaces within the buildings, such as rooftops, maintenance areas, residential spaces, commercial areas, lobbies, and underground spaces. Each space has its own unique potential for gameplay.

Rooftops were considered as potential landing spaces, not necessarily always on the top of a building, but also lower down in the cityscape. Maintenance areas could provide gameplay puzzles and challenges related to power and communications. Residential spaces offered the opportunity to explore different architectural styles and layouts, with a focus on player housing. Commercial spaces included offices, corporate wings, and restaurants that offered unique food choices.

Lobbies were seen as access points for players but also as multi-layered social spaces and potential combat areas. Finally, the team explored the underground spaces, including underground transit networks and old infrastructure, which could provide opportunities for racing and traversal missions. These interior spaces are intended to serve as modular dungeon kits that can be procedurally generated for various gameplay scenarios.

The team plans to begin production on the building interiors at the end of the quarter, signaling a significant step forward in the game’s development. The cityscapes may undergo changes to accommodate the interior designs, and this continued evolution of the game’s persistent universe is a central focus of the ongoing “Journey to 4.0” series.

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