Inside Star Citizen: Storm Warning

"Would you rather sip champagne or blitz through enemies while roaming a battlefield? Buckle up because today on Inside Star Citizen, we’re introducing two vehicles making their debut for Invictus Launch Week.

Invictus has arrived and with it a celebration of spaceships and space vehicles. To mark RSI and Tumbril day, two new ground vehicles have been released for players to explore with. The first of which is the luxury Lynx ground vehicle designed to accompany the RSI Constellation Phoenix. The Lynx is designed to provide a smoother ride with its 13-piece doors, cleaner panels and angular lines, as well as having a full-length fridge, personal storage, seats that spin and a weapons rack. The vehicle also boasts impressive speed, agility and durability allowing it to engage targets on the battlefield and traverse difficult terrain with ease.

The second vehicle introduced as part of Invictus launch week is the Tumbril Storm, a light scout tank from Tumbril. The Tank has energy weapons as opposed to conventional ones, meaning it is not reliant on the larger task force for ammo, while also looking ferocious with its aggressive, dynamic shape. Once inside people can expect to find a machine-like interior with lots of pipes and fabric, and the tank requires just one pilot meaning that action can be fast-paced and quick.

The teams working on the concept vehicles have spent a great deal of time and effort ensuring that everything is done to a high standard, so that the vehicles are worthy of the game. Over the coming weeks Invictus is sure to provide plenty of opportunities to test out the vehicles, whether it’s peaceful exploration or high-octane combat, as players get a real feel for the universe of Star Citizen.

SaltEMike Reacts to Inside Star Citizen: Storm Warning