Inside Star Citizen: Design Brief: Cargo Career, Part II

"Continuing from our last episode detailing the future of cargo careers, join us for this episode of Inside Star Citizen to explore upcoming changes to the inventory system, hangar kiosks, and more!


In this episode of Inside Star Citizen, the development team discusses the design brief for the cargo career in the game. They emphasize that Star Citizen is not just an FPS game, but a whole world with different player ambitions and goals. Cargo represents a way for players to engage with others and create a dynamic economy. They are introducing new changes to make cargo more realistic, such as manual loading using a tractor beam and organizing cargo with friends. This creates opportunities for player interaction and adventure across the universe.

One major transformation is the physicalization of inventory. Instead of a magical bag of holding, players will have specific locations to store their items and know exactly where to find them. The freight platform and hangars will be used to access and manage inventory using container boxes to optimize cargo organization. They are also adding smaller item access points in landing zones and removing the magical inventory system in vehicles, replacing it with access points and container boxes. All of these changes aim to remove the magic of inventory management and make it more realistic.

The new Hangar kiosk will be central to managing inventory and will redefine the open sandbox experience of Star Citizen. Players will use the freight elevator kiosk to coordinate loading and unloading cargo, as well as manage their inventory. This kiosk will be the center point of the Hangar where players can access all their items and manage them efficiently. They are also planning missions specifically designed for cargo hauling to allow players to engage with the gameplay without the need for large investments or risking high speculation.

Furthermore, they are introducing unique item recovery to address the problem of losing items. They are considering implementing a lost and found system where players can retrieve lost items in their Hangar or restart missions without losing progress. This feature will also apply to subscriber items and other unique items. The development team is continually working on expanding the game’s systems, adding more planets, and creating an exciting experience for players as they explore and transport goods across the universe.

Overall, the cargo career in Star Citizen offers players a way to engage with others, create a dynamic economy, and explore new gameplay possibilities. The upcoming changes aim to make inventory management more realistic through physicalized storage and access points, as well as providing options for both manual loading and automated processes. With ongoing development and tuning, the team aims to cater to different player preferences and provide a balanced and rewarding experience for everyone.

salt-e-mike reacts:

In an episode of Inside Star Citizen, the design brief focuses on the cargo career and upcoming changes to the cargo system in Star Citizen. Developers discuss the implementation of physicalized cargo, manual loading, and the introduction of an item bank, while addressing concerns about potential inconvenience and emphasizing the ongoing development of a dynamic economy and player interaction.

In this episode of Inside Star Citizen, the design brief focuses on the cargo career and the upcoming changes to the cargo system. The developers talk about the concept of physicalizing cargo, which means moving away from the current instant delivery system to a more realistic and interactive experience. They emphasize that Star Citizen is not just about FPS gameplay, but also about creating a dynamic economy and player interaction through cargo hauling.

The video mentions the introduction of the item Bank, a secure inventory access point located in landing zones. Players will be able to store and manage smaller items like weapons and gear in this bank. Additionally, the freight platform and cargo grid will be used to manually load and organize larger items onto ships, adding more depth to the gameplay. However, some concerns are raised about the increased friction and potential inconvenience this may introduce.

The episode also touches on the idea of unique item recovery, addressing the problem of losing items or progress during missions. The developers propose a “lost and found” system where players can recover lost items from a designated location. Furthermore, they mention plans for more in-depth economy tuning and balancing to accommodate the changes in the cargo system. The goal is to provide options for players who enjoy manual loading and hauling as well as those more interested in speculation and trading.

Overall, the video provides insights into the ongoing development of physicalized cargo mechanics, but many of the discussed concepts are not new and align with what has been previously mentioned. Some concerns arise regarding the potential complications and added steps in the inventory management process. The developers acknowledge the need to find the right balance between immersion and convenience for players. The episode concludes with a reminder of Alpha 3.20’s availability and the upcoming CitizenCon event.