Inside Star Citizen: Arrasted Development

"Join us today on Inside Star Citizen as we tow you through a deeper look at the latest ship from Argo, followed by a new reveal from RSI as a response to your votes from CitizenCon last year!


The “Arrasted Development” episode of Inside Star Citizen focuses on two new vehicles in the game: the Aro SV and the RSI Arastra. The Aro SV is a single-player ship designed for rescuing and retrieving other stranded ships in the game. It has a distinct orange color and a functional, industrial design. The SRV has an interior featuring an engineering area, a bridge, a habitation space, and a rest and recovery area for rescued pilots. The Aro SV has a large tractor beam assembly controlled by the pilot, which allows it to tow and repair damaged ships.

The RSI Arastra, on the other hand, is a new mining ship in the game. It fills the gap between the smaller mining ships like the Prospector and the larger Orion. The Arastra combines the triangular Arrowhead shape characteristic of RSI ships with a more exposed and functional industrial design. It has a comfortable habitation area for the crew, an onboard refinery, ample storage, and can accommodate up to five crew members. The Arastra has multiple mining stations, remote turrets, and the ability to carry ground mining vehicles for surface mining.

The development team learned from previous mining ships like the Orion and aimed to make the Arastra feel less aggressive and more purpose-built. It is designed to be an all-in-one mining ship that allows players to mine, refine, and transport resources. It serves as a stepping stone between smaller mining ships and the high-end Orion. The episode concludes with gratitude towards the teams involved in vehicle development and a reminder of the upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, which showcases all the ships and vehicles in the Star Citizen universe.

Overall, the episode highlights the features and design choices of the Aro SV and the RSI Arastra, showcasing their roles in support and mining gameplay respectively.

salt-e-mike reacts:

In this episode of Inside Star Citizen, the Argo SRV, a tow truck-like ship designed for assisting and rescuing stranded ships, and the RSI Arrestra mining ship, filling the gap between small mining ships and large-scale ones, are showcased. The Arrestra has undergone design improvements for optimal mining coverage and offers a versatile mining experience, while both ships are appreciated for their unique designs and the collaborative effort of the developers is acknowledged.

In this episode of Inside Star Citizen, the focus is on two main topics: the Argo SRV and the RSI Arrestra mining ship. The Argo SRV is described as the “tow truck of the universe,” designed to assist players by rescuing and towing stranded ships. It is meant for players who prefer to help rather than engage in combat. The ship features a strong visual style, with a bright orange color and functional design. While some players may prefer to change the ship’s interior colors, the orange exterior is retained to maintain recognition as an Argo ship.

The RSI Arrestra mining ship is introduced as the next step in mining gameplay, filling the gap between the smaller mining ships like the Prospector and the large-scale Orion. It has a triangular Arrowhead shape that is characteristic of RSI ships but with a more exposed industrial aesthetic. The ship offers a comfortable habitation area, a refinery, large ore storage capacity, and onboard cargo space. It also has the ability to hold ground mining vehicles for surface mining.

Some improvements have been made in the design of the Arrestra based on the lessons learned from the Orion and a better understanding of mining gameplay. The ship now features turrets that can slide and transform for optimal mining coverage. The ship’s design allows for multiple crew members to mine simultaneously and handle the extracted resources. It is intended to be an all-in-one mining ship that enables players to progress from hand mining to refining, transportation, and deeper mining with the Orion.

While the Arrestra is a significant addition to the mining gameplay, it is acknowledged that further improvements and considerations will be made based on the evolving mechanics and workflows for mining in Star Citizen. The ship aims to offer players a functional and versatile mining experience without the need for a large capital ship, but it is not intended to replace other mining ships or exclude them from mining fleets.

Finally, the video concludes with a humorous segment where the names of various developers involved in creating the vehicles are playfully sung, showcasing the collaborative effort behind the ship designs. The host also expresses gratitude to the Star Citizen community for their ongoing support, as well as the ship designers for their contributions to the game.