Inside Sprint Report from LA in 1min 16sec

The Sprint Report from LA for Star Citizen provided updates on ship features, city improvements, and gameplay mechanics. The team is focusing on adding the ship trespass mechanic, improving New Babbage, implementing new control options, updating the Hawk and Lancer ships, and making improvements to tractor beams, all with the aim of enhancing the overall user experience in the game.

During the Sprint Report from LA, Jared provided a special update on the progress of Star Citizen without revealing any spoilers for Citizen Con. One of the notable features being worked on is the ship trespass mechanic, which will change PvP gameplay by alerting unwanted players that they are intruders. This aims to discourage unnecessary conflict and ensure that players face consequences for their actions.

New Babbage, the in-game city, is receiving improvements in the form of better shops and signage. This will enhance the overall aesthetics and user experience in the city. The team is also working on allowing players to have simultaneous independent control over the Salvage cutter beam by using two different joysticks, providing more refined control options.

The Hawk ship is undergoing updates, particularly with the implementation of the Wanted cubby in the rear. Players can store bounties inside a box, and the Hawk’s rear arm collects the box. This feature adds an interesting gameplay element to the ship. Additionally, the Lancer ship is being prepared for the upcoming resource management system, ensuring it is ready for future advancements.

The X1 ship is also being worked on, likely to be published soon. The team is currently focused on the gray box phase for the Apollo medac ship, suggesting progress in its development. There are ongoing improvements being made to the Santokyē ship, including more carbon fiber and flashy paint options.

Lastly, tractor beams are receiving attention to enhance their functionality. The goal is to improve the snapping feature and provide secondary suggestions to the player using the tractor beam if the current method is not optimal. These updates aim to refine gameplay mechanics and enhance the user experience in the game.

In conclusion, the Sprint Report from LA provided updates on various aspects of Star Citizen’s development, including ship features, city improvements, and gameplay mechanics. The team is working on ensuring a more immersive and enjoyable experience for players in the game.