Inside RACING in 1min 06sec and where was noobifier?

Noobifier, a YouTuber, was absent from his channel for two weeks to support his wife during her participation in the Invictus Games in Germany. Inside Star Citizen focused on racing, discussing the developers’ love for the sport, introducing a new racing ship, and improvements made to wheeled vehicle physics.

In a recent video, the YouTuber Noobifier discussed Inside Star Citizen’s focus on racing. Noobifier had been away from his channel for two weeks due to personal reasons. His wife, a Major in the Air Force, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis two years ago, and he had been supporting her during her participation in the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf, Germany. He expressed his pride in his wife’s achievements, as she won two gold medals in her events. He mentioned that Star Citizen’s slow development allowed him to catch up on the news he missed during that time.

Inside Star Citizen provided insight into the importance of racing in the game. The developers discussed their love for racing and their personal experiences with it, including Richard’s childhood interest in monster trucks and a passion for Motorsports photography. They mentioned that racing in Star Citizen requires skill and precision to find every second on the course. They also shared their experiences with internal playtests, where crashing into walls was a common occurrence, but players using dual joysticks seemed to have better laps.

The developers introduced a new racing ship called the Fury LX, which lacks guns but is equipped with improved extra lateral thrusters. They briefly turned this segment into a ship concept commercial, mentioning its price of $50. They also discussed improvements made to the physics of wheeled vehicles, making them feel less “floaty” and more realistic when driving on surfaces.

Noobifier concluded the video by thanking his viewers for their support and encouraged them to stay tuned for more updates. He also reminded them to fly safe and expressed his excitement to rejoin the Star Citizen community.