Inside Missions 3.20 in 1min 39sec

In this episode of Inside Star Citizen, the focus is on missions. The team at CIG is looking to add more levels to the Salvage missions, starting with one called “Cover-Up.” In this mission, players must scrap evidence within a time limit to avoid penalties, and the more successful they are, the higher the payout. The team also addresses player behavior where they only pick parts off salvaged items and leave the rest, aiming to encourage players to fully strip salvage. The Siege of Orison mission is also being worked on, with plans to expand the number of platforms to allow for concurrent runs, improving performance. Datapad missions are introduced, such as “Kill The Courier,” which involves finding data pads while fighting off enemy forces, with higher payouts for longer completion times. A new unlawful bunker mission is also in the works. Further changes are mentioned, such as not announcing random players boarding one’s ship in chat, allowing ship owners to kill trespassers. The loop of leaving a party will no longer immediately trespass players, but returning to the ship after leaving will result in trespassing. Lastly, a new mission called “Barge Heist” is teased, where players engage in constant combat while looting containers on a fighting barge. The episode concludes with a reminder of a video documenting a recent trip, and the host signing off.

Overall, this episode of Inside Star Citizen provides an update on various mission developments. The team is working on expanding salvage missions, introducing new datapad missions, improving the Siege of Orison mission, and implementing a new unlawful bunker mission. Changes to ship trespassing and a new mission called Barge Heist are also mentioned. The host reminds viewers to check out a recent video about a trip, and concludes the show.