Inside Gatac in 2min 4sec

The “Gatac” episode of Inside Star Citizen showcases concept ships including the Sulen-Gak, Spirit, and Tumbrl Storm. These ships have unique features and designs, providing players with new options for gameplay in Star Citizen.

In the Inside Star Citizen episode titled “Gatac,” CIG released a video showcasing concept ships. The video starts by discussing the railin concept, which eventually became the Sulen-Gak’s first civilian ship. The Sulen-Gak is an important starter ship that features a bed, living space, and other useful assets. Interestingly, it can stand vertically like a rocket and its fuselage can fold out and hover like a levitating staircase. The ship has various compartments, including an airlock area with accessible components, a limited habitation area, and a flight deck with a levitating seat.

Next, the video transitions to another ship called the Spirit. This ship has 32 SUUs (Space Utility Units) or can accommodate two vehicles like the C2. It features clean lines inspired by other Crusader ships and has retractable weapons to maintain its sleek design. Additionally, the tractor turret can be moved from the top to the interior for loading convenience.

The video also showcases the Tumbrl Storm, a ground vehicle concept that was accurately presented years ago. The Tumbrl Storm prioritizes speed over armor and has a unique design with a driver’s seat that resembles a mouth. The driver is pulled in as if being eaten by the vehicle. The Tumbrl Storm is low and wide, making it incompatible with all ships, but it is well-suited for transportation using the Carrack.

Overall, the “Gatac” video focuses on concept ships, including the Sulen-Gak, Spirit, and Tumbrl Storm. It highlights their distinct features, aesthetics, and functionality. The video aims to provide viewers with an understanding of these upcoming additions to Star Citizen’s universe.