Inside 3.20 Arena Updates Part 2 in 1min 42sec

In episode 8 of The Noobifier’s show summarised the 8th of June 2023 Inside Star Citizen, where CIG discussed some new updates for the game Star Citizen’s Arena Commander Part II. This patch aims to provide a test environment that functions and feels like the game’s PU version. It includes facelifts for all current maps and addressing of bugs and design issues such as poor pathing. Additionally, SPK now has its own map and Echo 11 has been reduced to make the action quicker.

The developers of Star Citizen are also experimenting with new game modes. These include a weapon elimination mode, with the developers choosing the weapon, and gun rush, which is similar to the gun game from Battlefield. They’re also playing with the idea of Chonk Royale, with three different biomes, as well as a racing refactor with in-game betting. All of these features and updates will be carefully evaluated before the patch is released in 320.

Finally, the point of the patch is to provide players with the opportunity to try new things and develop their skills without the time sink or risk that comes with death in the Star Citizen universe. This patch promises to be full of fun and experimentation for all players, providing new content for them to enjoy.