Infinite ... loot!

“I found away to spawn infinite loot boxes”

The speaker has discovered a way to obtain infinite loot in a video game by exploiting a glitch. They explain that by going to a specific outpost and stacking boxes, players can make them respawn with new loot each time. The loot consists of items such as subscriber helmets, undersuits, multi-tools, component boards, gems, artifacts, and lots of food and water. However, the loot cannot be sold, as the game seems to have a bug preventing it. The speaker acknowledges that this glitch is not a significant money-making scheme, but more of a way to collect various items in the game.

To start the glitch, players need to go to an abandoned outpost where they will find numerous blue boxes replacing the old white and greenish-gray ones. The boxes should be stacked along a wall, with a maximum of 20 boxes in one area. Once the 21st box is picked up, the first box disappears, but it will respawn with new loot if the player goes outside and locates the initial box location. This process can be repeated over and over to continuously acquire new loot.

The speaker notes that the loot obtained from the glitch cannot be sold, including commodities and items gathered from outposts, caves, and research stations. They clarify that the glitch is more for collecting unique items rather than making a significant amount of money. They invite viewers to contribute to the discussion and express their thoughts on the video, and promise to share more related content in the future.