I'm MINING rocks with a ROC | Star Citizen

“I need your help! In this Star Citizen episode, I’m mining rocks (Hadanite) with a ROC and can’t find where to sell them. Sorry, this episode is a little less organized than normal. I’m still learning this amazing game :)”

In this video, the player begins by showing off their new armor and explains that they bought it because they plan on going mining. They mention that they bought the Rock, a ground vehicle, off-camera and had some issues with lag and crashing during the process. They then express their excitement about using the Rock for mining and being able to grind for resources in the game.

The player navigates their way to a moon landing zone and calls out a ship to start their mining expedition. They encounter some difficulties with the star map and have some trouble landing their ship, which ends up getting damaged in the process. Despite this setback, they manage to successfully land and unload the Rock from their ship.

With the Rock on the ground, the player activates the mining mode and begins scanning for valuable resources. They struggle to find the right location for mining and spend a significant amount of time searching different areas. Eventually, they discover a location with Hadanite, a valuable mineral, and successfully mine it.

After a few rounds of mining, the player expresses their confusion about where and how to sell the mined resources. They mention that they have searched multiple buildings and terminals but have been unable to find a selling point. Frustrated, they decide to log out and do more research to find a solution.

In conclusion, the player faces difficulties with lag, crashing, navigation, and finding a place to sell their mined resources in their mining expedition. However, they manage to overcome these obstacles and successfully mine valuable resources using the Rock. They express their gratitude to the viewers for their support and plan to continue their mining adventures in the future.