IAE Day 9 CCU (2023)

"CCU game analysis for day 9 of IAE 2023

TLDR: Constellation Taurus is new. A1, C1, and SRV remain."

Day nine of the IAE (Intergalactic Aerospace Expo) begins with RSI (Roberts Space Industries) showcasing their limited quantity ship sale featuring the RSI Constellation Phoenix. The ship will be available with the same wave timing as previous sales. Additionally, RSI is offering the Constellation Taurus as a warbond ship in the expo hall, though there were some graphical glitches and pricing confusion that potential buyers should take note of.

In addition to these limited ships, RSI has introduced a few standalone concept ships. These include the Apollo Triage, Apollo Medivac, and the RSI Arrastra mining ship, which sits between the Mole and the Orion in terms of size and capabilities. However, the Arrastra does not have any loaner ships assigned to it yet, causing uncertainty for buyers. The pricing for the Arrastra seems to differ between concept pricing and CCU (Cross-Chassis Upgrade) pricing, so potential buyers should wait for potential changes in price later in the day.

The Arrastra, priced at $525 as a concept ship, is listed at $575 for CCU. This suggests that an unintentional price increase may have occurred, and it is recommended to wait and see if the pricing is adjusted to reflect the original concept price. The CCU table should also include the M2 Hercules as a $5 upgrade and the Polaris as a $25 upgrade, but the current pricing seems off.

Other standalone ships available at the expo are the Perseus, priced at $750, and the Polaris, which can also be obtained through CCUs. Unfortunately, no new packs have been added on this day, so buyers will have to explore the existing options.

Tomorrow will feature the Best in Show day, where the three finalists and the winner of the Ship Showdown will be displayed with their new paint skins. It is unclear what will happen with CCUs and warbond options during this event, but a separate video will be released to provide updates.