IAE Day 7 CCU (2023)

"CCU analysis for day 7.

TLDR: Carrack is new. A1, C1, and SRV remain."

In this video, the host provides updates on the CCU (Cross-Chassis Upgrade) savings for IAE (Intergalactic Aerospace Expo) Day 7. They announce that there will not be a limited quantity ship sale on this day, but there will be two ships available on Day 8 and Day 9 respectively. These ships include the MK Whole SE and the RSI Constellation Phoenix. The host recommends keeping an eye on the release timings if interested in purchasing these ships.

The host mentions that Anvil has released the Hurricane again, much to their excitement. However, the Hawk was not released as many had hoped. Instead, the Carrack and M2 Hercules are recommended as the best choices for savings, with the M2 Hercules offering the most value for the price. The A1, C1, and SRV are still available as warbond CCU options. Additionally, a few standalone concept ships have been added, including the Legionnaire and E1 Spirit, which can be utilized for further savings through CCU purchases.

The E1 Spirit is noted to have a luxury tax and is expected to increase in price in the future, making it a potentially good investment for savings. The Crucible, the first repair ship in the game, is also mentioned as an excellent choice for CCU savings. The host suggests considering the Gemini or Caterpillar for upgrading to The Crucible. The Liberator, a ship transport ship, has also been added to the store, with the M2 Hercules being the best option for CCU savings.

Lastly, the host introduces the Nautilus, which is a very high-priced concept ship. The final price is uncertain, but the host warns that it could potentially be more expensive than the popular Banu Merchantman. The Nautilus can be obtained at a slight discount using a concept CCU from The Odyssey. The host concludes by mentioning that no new additions were found in the packs and starter pack section of the store. They advise checking later in the day for any updates.

Overall, the video provides updates on limited quantity ship sales, recommends specific ships for savings, and introduces new concept ships available for purchase with CCUs.