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The video commentator expresses disappointment with Origin Jumpworks’ current lineup of older ships, citing their lack of weapons and suitability for combat. However, they anticipate the release of new ships like the g12 series and the X1 bike and find certain ships like the 890 Jump and M50 interesting.

In this video, the commentator expresses his disappointment with Origin Jumpworks and their current lineup of older ships. He feels that many of these ships need to be updated or offer better options compared to other ships currently available in the game. Starting with the smaller ships, he discusses the origin 100i and the 125a combat variant, stating that he doesn’t recommend any of them due to their lack of weapons. He mentions the cargo variant, but doesn’t find it compelling either.

Moving on to larger ships, he briefly mentions the 890 Jump, praising its luxury and style, but acknowledges that it is not suitable for combat. He talks about the 600i and feels that it falls short in combat situations, preferring other dedicated fighters like the Constellation Corsair. The commentator then discusses the 300 series, mentioning that none of them are among the top three for combat, PVE, or PVP. He suggests considering other starter ships or more specialized fighters instead.

Continuing his analysis, the commentator briefly discusses the M50 racing ship, expressing his liking for it. He also mentions the 85x, which is a snub ship designed to accompany the 890 Jump, but notes that it doesn’t have much utility outside of that specific role. He then anticipates the release of the g12 series and the X1 bike, expressing his excitement for these new additions, particularly the X1’s unique design. He briefly mentions his stream setup and audio management challenges as a streamer.

In conclusion, the commentator expresses his dissatisfaction with Origin Jumpworks’ current ship lineup, feeling that there are better options available in the game for combat or other activities. He does, however, find certain ships like the 890 Jump, M50, and g12 series interesting and looks forward to their release.