IAE Day 4 CCU (2023)

“Recap of day 4 CCU and other sales.”

In this video, the host discusses the Day 4 offerings at the IAE (Intergalactic Aerospace Expo) in the expo hall. They mention that it’s starting to snow and express their love for the winter season. They then dive into the new war bond CCUs (Cross-Chassis Upgrades) that have been released. They go through the options for the 400i, noting which ones are bad choices and which ones offer some savings. The host also suggests a more efficient route for those who already have a hurricane upgrade. They express disappointment that the much anticipated hawk and 100i were not included in the offerings.

Moving on to standalone ships, the host highlights the addition of the X1, a new concept ship. They discuss the uncertainty of its classification, whether it is a hover bike or a ship. While they find it cool, they express the need for more information before making a decision. Other variants of the X1, such as the rhip version, are also mentioned. The host briefly mentions the origin g12 line of ground vehicle variants, noting their combat capabilities.

The video then transitions to packages, but there are no new additions to report. The host states that it was a lackluster day overall, as origin doesn’t have a wide range of vehicles and ships available. They express their disappointment in not seeing the 100i in the lineup. They also mention that the 890 jump, available as a war bond, sells out quickly and cannot be CCU’d to. The host concludes by encouraging viewers to keep saving money and signing off with their signature catchphrase.

Overall, the video covers the offerings at the IAE Day 4, focusing on war bond CCUs, standalone ships, and packages. The host shares their thoughts on the available choices, expressing disappointment in the lack of certain ships and excitement for the new X1 concept. They provide some analysis on the efficiency of different upgrade paths and speculate on the classification and potential uses of the X1.