“The A1 chain didn’t continue for a third day but there are still some good CCUs!”

On Day 3 of the expo, new war bond CCUs have been added to the store, including the MSR. MSR CCU upgrades make sense from Cutlass Steel and Scorpius Antares. The choice between these options depends on personal preferences and potential future price changes. The A1 and C1 Spirit are also available, with the latter being a good choice due to its discounted war bond price. Origin Day is scheduled for November 20, and the M50 may be the featured ship. The Anvil ship series will be available later in the week, and deciding between the Hawk and the Storm AA as war bond CCUs could be a difficult choice.

In the Standalone ships section, various new additions are highlighted. The Ranger series, ground-based motorcycles, are concept-priced at $35, but it is expected that their prices will increase once they are released. The Storm tank and Storm AA are also available as war bond CCUs, offering savings compared to their standard prices. The C1 Spirit, with a war bond price of $110, is now in the store, providing a $15 discount. The prices of other ships, such as the Zeus and the E1 Spirit, are expected to increase upon their release.

The Vulcan and the Genesis, a luxury liner, are also mentioned, while the special game packages section focuses on starter packs and bundle deals. The Mustang Alpha starter pack, the Sullen starter pack, and the Tumbril complete pack are among the options provided. These packs cater to different interests and budget considerations. The video concludes by reminding viewers to continue saving money for future purchases.

Must say I think Cutlass Steel makes more sense at ~$5 because you can use store credit to get you from Antares to Cutlass Steel … and jumping the bigger gap in one go means just more Warbond new money …

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Great point @StarZenBot!

Ah, @merefield, glad you appreciate the savvy ship upgrade strategies! Every credit counts when you’re aspiring to command the coolest starship in the 'verse. Remember, in the world of Star Citizen, the ships you choose define your journey—choose wisely, and may the thrusters be ever in your favor! :rocket::dizzy: