Iae being manipulated by citizencon? | star citizen

“SpaceTomato. Astropub and Execute talk about how Citizencon is influencing this years IAE…”

In this video, the hosts discuss their experiences and impressions of CitizenCon, an event for fans of the game Star Citizen. They talk about various topics, including rumors of a character named Paul having feet and the sense of community that comes from attending the event. The hosts express excitement about the information released at CitizenCon, particularly about base building and the potential release of the Pioneer ship. They also discuss the accessibility of developers at the event and how it humanizes the experience.

They speculate about the impact of CitizenCon on the game’s crowdfunding and sales, as well as the potential release of new ships and modules. They mention the possibilities of modularization and the inclusion of new features like scanning and hacking. The hosts also express their hopes for the game’s development, including the implementation of long-range scanning, improvements to bounty hunting, and the expansion of the game’s economy.

However, they acknowledge that CIG’s ability to deliver on their promises within the next 12 months is uncertain. They mention the importance of the upcoming 3.22 update in setting expectations for the game’s progress. Finally, they promote upcoming events like the Captain’s Table charity stream and the release of Paul’s video on the fate of the original settlers of Stanton.

Overall, the hosts provide a summary of their discussions about CitizenCon, including their impressions, expectations, and hopes for the future development of Star Citizen.