Iae 2023 ccu chaining guide part iii | star citizen

In this video, the host provides a guide on CCU chaining in Star Citizen for the AE 2023 sale, focusing on the C2 Hercules to Prowler CCU. They also mention other recommended CCUs and discuss savings, as well as addressing viewer feedback and announcing a live stream for further assistance.

In this video, the host gives a guide on the CCU chaining in Star Citizen for the AE 2023 sale. The CCU that was mentioned in the previous day’s guide, the Staffera to Vog, has been removed. The focus of today’s guide is the CCU from the C2 Hercules to the Prowler, which costs $10. The other two ships added today, the Razer LX and the Hammerhead, are not discussed in detail as they are not as beneficial for this guide. However, recommendations are given for a Cutlass Red to LX CCU for $5 and an Orion to Hammerhead CCU, though a Banu Merchantman can also be used for $25. The savings from following this CCU chain amount to $280.

The host acknowledges feedback from viewers stating that the on-screen text is too small and assures that the transcriptions will be available in the video description. They also mention that they will create a separate guide for the Aristeda ship, which is also available for purchase during this sale. The total savings from following all the CCU chains so far is increased by another $35, bringing it to a significant amount.

The video highlights the opportunity to buy a Polaris for $470, which is similar to the usual price of $450 on the gray market. This contradicts the previous statement by the developers that the Polaris would never be cheaper than $650. The host announces that this will be the final coverage of the AE 2023 sale and hosts a live stream where viewers can ask questions and receive assistance regarding CCU chaining. They also mention the availability of CCU helpers in the Discord server who have been vetted by ALG and the mods.

In conclusion, the host expresses hope that viewers were able to make savings during the AE 2023 sale and looks forward to the upcoming Invictus event. They encourage viewers to like, subscribe, and ring the notification bell. They also thank the patrons for their support and conclude the video.