I scammed myself in star citizen

“If you know the pain, you know.i”

In this video, the speaker shares an interesting story about their experience in the game Star Citizen. They begin by mentioning their previous ship, the Avenger Titan, which they melted and upgraded to the Cutlass, spending a hundred dollars in the process. However, during a recent event called the iae, the speaker saw the RSI day and discovered the Phoenix variant of the Constellation ship. This variant is only available during limited times and is considered a luxury version. Intrigued by its features, the speaker decides to try and acquire it.

To fund the purchase, the speaker decides to melt some credits and sell other items. They successfully gather around 400 credits, which is the exact amount they need to buy the Connie. When the time comes to purchase it, the speaker is excited, and with lightning-fast speed, they add it to the cart, go to checkout, and proceed to use their credit card. The speaker expresses their excitement, feeling a sense of accomplishment for acquiring the ship they desired.

However, the story takes an unexpected turn. After using their credit card for the purchase, the speaker realizes that they made a mistake. They had forgotten that they already owned a Constellation, so essentially, they had scammed themselves. The situation becomes comical as the speaker points out the irony and their temporary lapse in memory.

Despite the mishap, the speaker maintains a positive tone and explains that they were eventually able to resolve the situation. They received a refund for the mistaken purchase and decided to keep the ship they already had, concluding the video with a reflective and humorous tone about the experience.

Overall, the speaker shares the story of how they accidentally scammed themselves in Star Citizen by attempting to purchase a ship they already owned. They highlight the excitement, the realization of their mistake, and the eventual resolution to the situation.