I Made The BEST Ship In Starfield

“I built the ultimate spaceship in Starfield and I think it broke the game. For anyone looking for some space combat and a build guide you can follow along with my thought process while I refine the ship into something that can decimate an e”

In this video, the creator sets out to build the ultimate ship in the game Star Citizen. They have gained knowledge and experience since their last ship building video and are confident that they can create a powerful and efficient ship. They start by laying out the components they want to include, focusing on high tier and powerful options. They aim to create a front-heavy weapon platform to maximize turret engagement angles. They experiment with different designs and shapes to optimize visibility and minimize obstruction.

The creator encounters challenges with the ship building process, such as the inability to save drafts and errors that need to be resolved before saving progress. They continue refining the ship’s design, balancing power and weaponry, and finally reach a fully flight-capable ship with impressive stats. They express slight frustration with the unrealistic appearance of ships carrying large amounts of cargo in a small space but accept it as a game mechanic.

After completing the ship, the creator takes it for a maiden voyage and tests its capabilities against enemy ships. They engage in combat and find that their auto turrets are extremely effective, quickly obliterating enemy ships. They decide to take on a more challenging task by attacking all the ships in orbit around a planet, thus provoking the game’s entire army. Again, their ship performs exceptionally well, and they easily defeat a large number of enemy ships.

The creator then decides to increase the game difficulty to very hard and continues to engage in combat with higher-level ships. Despite the increased difficulty, their ship proves to be overpowered, as they effortlessly destroy ships and experience minimal shield damage. They express some disappointment with the simplicity of the game’s space combat and hope for potential updates or mods to add more complexity and skill-based mechanics.

In conclusion, the creator successfully builds a highly capable ship in Star Citizen and demonstrates its superior performance in combat. They discuss the limitations and lack of complexity in the game’s space combat but express satisfaction with their ship building achievement.