I Live In Chris Roberts' Head Rent Free (And You Can Too!)

"New Stanton Server Address is:
Server password is: 30k

You can search for “New Stanton” or if you open the command console in the menu and type “connect” and this will connect you to the server."

Star Citizen is an immersive virtual reality game that has been enjoyed by many players. It is important, however, not to let Star Citizen be the only game you play. This is because if you are constantly playing and losing in Star Citizen, you can get very frustrated and eventually give up on the game entirely. A great alternative for dedicated Star Citizen players is Rust, a survival game with base building and first person shooter action. A custom Rust map has even been designed to replicate the face of Chris Roberts using a program called Rust Edit. This map, called New Stanton, was made to give players a place of respite away from bad luck in Star Citizen, and also offers a chance to win a Python Expedition with Lifetime Insurance (LTI) at the end of the month. With an authentication password of ‘30k’, players can find New Stanton in a Rust game search or connect using the server connection code. Giant bearhugs to Baron von Scruff and other patrons who have supported the creation of New Stanton.

New Stanton is the star of the show and is located in the Rust game. It is a custom map built using Rust Edit that uses the face of Chris Roberts to create the environment. According to Dead Leader, the creator of New Stanton, the map features details such as monuments, rocks, roads and a full subway system. With its winding paths and rises and falls, it offers an enjoyable terrain, while also providing a chance to win the Python Expedition with LTI at the end of the month.

It is important to keep in mind that even if you are an avid Star Citizen fan, it is important to have another game in the mix and New Stanton is the perfect solution. Despite its own set of challenges, it regularly offers an escape from a bad run and luck in Star Citizen. This is encouraging and allows players a better and stronger connection to the game, even when they encounter drops in morale due to a bad patch. New Stanton provides a wonderful opportunity to appreciate Rust and the custom map that Dead Leader has created, while simultaneously being a bit of a home away from home.