I attempted to build a base in Star Citizen...

"In this Star Citizen video, try to build a base on Daymar using objects I found in the verse along with a nice haul of cargo. Using cargo boxes, I was hoping to build a base almost Minecraft-style. Unfortunately, the server took a turn for "

In this video, the speaker attempts to build a base in the game Star Citizen. They start by collecting various items including a GPS locator and decor for the base. However, they struggle to find a vending machine that they wanted to include. They then proceed to a location where they have collected building blocks and cargo to use for their base. They encounter difficulties in placing the blocks and struggle with the game’s mechanics. Despite their efforts, the base does not turn out as planned and the speaker expresses frustration with the process.

The speaker acknowledges the limitations of base building in Star Citizen, mentioning that there are no roofs and the lack of a grid system makes it challenging to align and stack blocks. They express a desire for a more user-friendly building system, suggesting the use of stake-based land claims to establish a grid. Despite the frustrations, the speaker acknowledges the concept of base building in the game as being exciting and highlights the potential for player interactions in a PvP setting.

Ultimately, the speaker concludes that the base they built is not as successful as they had hoped. They express disappointment that the game’s mechanics and limitations hindered their ability to create a satisfying base. They recognize the potential for improvement in future updates to the game and suggest that revisiting base building at a later time might yield better results.