I am addicted to Starfield.. (Exploration Gameplay)

“Starfield exploration gameplay and adventures. Thank you to @bethesda for sponsoring this video.”

The speaker is addicted to playing a game called Starfield and shares their experiences with it. They talk about acquiring a powerful armor set called the Mantis armor, which includes an invisibility cloak. They also mention building their own ship called the Jolly Oli and express excitement about the shipbuilding feature in the game.

The speaker thanks the video’s sponsor, Bethesda, for their support and promotion of Starfield. They mention that the game is now available on Xbox Game Pass and PC. They highlight the Premium Edition of the game, which includes additional content such as a story expansion, a skin pack, and access to the digital art book and soundtrack.

The speaker takes viewers on a virtual tour of the Jolly Oli ship, showcasing its storage space, cockpit, workbench area, engineering room, and captain’s quarters. They express their admiration for the ship’s design, particularly the window that offers a scenic view of outer space.

The speaker embarks on an exploration mission in the game, visiting different planets and encountering various challenges. They highlight a random encounter with a couple celebrating their anniversary, who reward them with ship parts. They proceed to explore a volcanic planet, but due to extreme temperatures and environmental hazards, decide to move on to another location.

Finally, the speaker explores a cave system on a different planet and encounters hostile creatures. They demonstrate their combat skills and loot various items. They also make use of a variety of game features, such as modifying their suit and trading items with their companion, Sam. They express their intention to revisit certain areas for more exploration and looting.