Hurston Released [Star Citizen 3.3.5] Part 2

“Join me in this first look of Hurston in the PTU release of Star Citizen 3.3.5. The universe truly is getting bigger, what an exciting time for SC backers!”

In the video, merefield, a big fan of Star Citizen, explores the latest PTU (Public Test Universe) release of Star Citizen 3.3.5, focusing mainly on the newly released Hurston. During his exploration, he experiences some technical glitches related to the in-game internet connection which he humorously blames on the geopolitical tensions in Asia.

Upon overcoming the connection issues, he delves into the game’s mechanics, showcasing features like buying items, observing, and discussing on the atmospheric visuals and intricate designs of the city landscapes. He also shares insights on game strategies, ship functionalities, and the consequences of PvP actions in the game world.

Despite some persistent technical issues such as crashes during transactions, merefield conveys a sense of excitement and anticipation for the final game release, praising the realistic details of the in-game universe including its vastness and the variations in the environments of different planets.

In conclusion, merefield provides a thorough and informative exploration of Star Citizen’s latest release and shares his enthusiasm for the game’s future, constantly joking and bringing humour to his walkthrough. His primary caveat was the game’s current bugs and crashes, reminding viewers that Star Citizen is still an alpha build and pledging money to its development makes them backers, not purchasers of a complete game.